Hurtigruten Fleet Location Ships, IMO numbers, MMSI, Webcams

Where is the current position of Hurtigruten Fleet presently?

MS Lofoten 5424562 258477000
MS Fridtjof Nansen 9813084 257088070
MS Roald Amundsen 9813072 257425000
MS Spitsbergen 9434060 258157000
MS Fram 9370018 258932000
MS Midnatsol 9247728 258595000
MS Trollfjord 9233258 258465000
MS Nordnorge 9107784 259371000
MS Polarlys 9107796 259322000
MS Nordkapp 9107772 259330000
MS Nordlys 9048914 259139000
MS Richard With 9040429 258500000
MS Kong Harald 9039119 257200000
MS Vesteralen 8019368 258478000
MS Lofoten 5424562 258477000

About Hurtigruten

Hurtigruten is one of the few shipping companies that takes you to the fairytale of the Norwegian fjords and North Cape all year round. Certain ships of the Hurtigruten offer the possibility to transport people and cars from the south up to the northern end of Norway and at the same time offer all comfort that you expect on a cruise. In addition to the regular shipping lines and cruises along the Norwegian coast, our routes include some of the most interesting cruise programs to the most distant parts of the world, such as Svalbard, Iceland, Greenland and Antarctica. Hurtigruten is described as the “most beautiful cruise in the world”. If this description is true, you should find out for yourself.

Hurtigruten is a special experience! The cruise starts in the old hanseatic city Bergen and goes up to Kirkenes, close to the border to Russia, and then back to Bergen. A sea voyage of 12 days, during which no less than 34 ports are visited on the outward journey. On the return voyage, the same ports will again come into view, but you will arrive at ports during the day, while the outward voyage will take place at night. Excursions are organised from different ports.

Each ship has its own character and is equipped with all modern conveniences and comfort to ensure a pleasant journey. There are 4 different types of ships. You can choose from several types of cabins, with more or less luxury, but you will experience the same quality on all ships everywhere. So you can enjoy delicious buffets and meals on every ship of the Hurtigruten: meat and fish, cold and warm.