Princes Cruises Fleet Location Ships, IMO numbers, MMSI, Webcams

Where is the current position of Princes Cruises Fleet presently?

Majestic Princess 9614141 232002990
Regal Princess 9584724 310674000
Royal Princess 9584712 310661000
Ruby Princess 9378462 310567000
Emerald Princess 9333151 310531000
Crown Princess 9293399 310500000
Island Princess 9230402 310384000
Coral Princess 9229659 310376000
Diamond Princess 9228198 235103359
Sapphire Princess 9228186 235103357
Caribbean Princess 9215490 310423000
Star Princess 9192363 310361000
Golden Princess 9192351 235113472
Pacific Princess 9187887 310504000
Sea Princess 9150913 310465000
Grand Princess 9104005 310327000
Sun Princess 9000259 310438000
Sky Princess 9802396 310780000
Enchanted Princess 9807126 247431900

About Princes Cruises

Princess Cruises offers cruises on all oceans of the world with 18 first-class ships (including the new Sky Princess). The last 2 million passengers enjoy the greatest comfort and an extraordinary atmosphere on board. The Princess fleet consists of modern ships with a capacity between 680 and 3,660 guests and calls at 380 ports on seven continents on more than 170 different routes.

The maiden voyage of the Sky Princess is scheduled for October 2019. The new Sky Suites offer the largest balconies at sea. In June 2020 and 2022, the last two newbuildings of the Royal Class will follow with the Enchanted Princess and an as yet nameless ship.

In addition, there are contracts for two units based on a new platform, offering space for around 4,300 passengers and equipped with liquefied natural gas (LNG) engines. They are scheduled to enter service in 2023 and 2025 respectively. Princess Cruises is thus adding five new ships to its fleet in the space of just six years.