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Maersk Container Tracker

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Maersk line container ships map with current positions

Maersk Company Overview

A.P. Moller – Maersk, commonly known simply as Maersk, is a Danish integrated shipping company that plays a pivotal role in global trade. Founded in 1904 by Captain Peter Maersk Møller and his son Arnold Peter Møller, the company has grown to become one of the largest container ship operators and supply vessel operators in the world.

Global Presence

With its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, Maersk operates in 130 countries and employs approximately 80,000 people, as of 2021. Its vast operations comprise not only shipping but also ports, logistics, and oil and gas activities. The company’s fleet includes more than 700 vessels and a multitude of containers to handle the 12 million containers that are shipped annually.

Innovation and Sustainability

Maersk is known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability. The company is actively investing in digital transformation to streamline its operations and improve customer experience. It has been a pioneer in utilizing blockchain technology to digitize the supply chain process, making it more transparent and efficient.

In terms of sustainability, Maersk has set an ambitious target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. To this end, they are investing in renewable energy technologies and exploring the use of alternative fuels for their vessels. This forward-thinking approach to environmental stewardship positions Maersk as a leader in sustainable shipping.

Challenges and Opportunities

Like any global entity, Maersk faces challenges. Volatile fuel prices, geopolitical tensions, and global economic fluctuations can affect the shipping industry. However, Maersk’s diversified business model and its ongoing digital transformation position it well to navigate these challenges.

In the age of e-commerce, the demand for efficient, reliable shipping is ever increasing. Maersk is seizing this opportunity by expanding its end-to-end logistics services, ensuring that goods can move seamlessly from factories to consumers around the world.


Over a century after its establishment, Maersk continues to hold a prominent position in the global shipping industry. Its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and efficient logistics make it a crucial player in international trade. As the world continues to globalize and digitalize, Maersk’s role as a facilitator of global commerce is set to grow even more significant.

Maersk Container Fleet

MAERSK EVERGLADES9928205200 m36 m
MAERSK BISCAYNE9928190200 m36 m
MAERSK ACADIA9928188200 m36 m
MAERSK CANDOR9924223366 m51 m
MAERSK CAMPTON 9924211366 m51 m
MAERSK CAMPBEL9924209366 m51 m
MAERSK CAMDEN9924194366 m51 m
MAERSK CAMBRIDGE9924182366 m51 m
MAERSK NORESUND9894686172 m33 m
MAERSK NORDDAL9894674172 m33 m
MAERSK NESNA9894650172 m33 m
MAERSK NARVIK9894648172 m33 m
MAERSK NASSJO9893876171 m32 m
MAERSK NACKA9893864171 m32 m
MAERSK NORBERG9893852171 m32 m
NUUK MAERSK9885178172 m23 m
NIMTOFTE MAERSK9885166172 m23 m
NORDAGER MAERSK9885154172 m23 m
NORDBORG MAERSK9885142172 m23 m
NAKSKOV MAERSK9885130172 m23 m
MAERSK DHAKA9871165186 m36 m
MAERSK JAKARTA9865881186 m36 m
MAERSK KWANGYANG9858747186 m36 m
MAERSK HAI PHONG9858735186 m36 m
MAERSK XIAMEN9858723186 m36 m
MAERSK DAVAO9858711186 m36 m
MAERSK HOUSTON9858723353 m54 m
MAERSK HUACHO9848948353 m126 m
MAERSK MONGLA9840738186 m36 m
MAERSK SONGKHLA9840726186 m36 m
MAERSK BINTULU9840702186 m36 m
MAERSK VALLETTA9833369172 m28 m
MAERSK VLADIVOSTOK9840697186 m36 m
MCC TAIPEI9823766186 m36 m
MCC YANGON9823754186 m36 m
MCC DANANG9823742186 m36 m
MCC CEBU9823730186 m36 m
MCC TOKYO9823728186 m36 m
MAERSK ZAMBEZI9786085238 m39 m
MAERSK HAVANA9784336353 m54 m
MAERSK HERRERA9784324353 m54 m
MAERSK HAMBURG9784312353 m54 m
MAERSK HANGZHOU9784300353 m54 m
MAERSK HANOI9784295353 m54 m
MAERSK HIDALGO9784283353 m54 m
MAERSK HALIFAX9784271353 m54 m
MAERSK HORSBURGH9784269353 m54 m
MAERSK HONG KONG9784257353 m54 m
MAASTRICHT MAERSK9780483399 m58 m
MUMBAI MAERSK9780471399 m58 m
MANILA MAERSK9780469399 m58 m
MURCIA MAERSK9780457399 m58 m
MANCHESTER MAERSK9780445399 m58 m
MARSEILLE MAERSK9778844399 m58 m
MONACO MAERSK9778832399 m58 m
MILAN MAERSK9778820399 m58 m
MOSCOW MAERSK9778818399 m58 m
MUNICH MAERSK9778806399 m58 m
MADRID MAERSK9778791399 m58 m
VAGA MAERSK9778545200 m36 m
VILNIA MAERSK9778533200 m36 m
VUOKSI MAERSK9775775200 m36 m
VENTA MAERSK9775763200 m36 m
VAYENGA MAERSK9775751200 m36 m
VOLGA MAERSK9775749200 m36 m
VISTULA MAERSK9775737200 m36 m
MAERSK CHATTOGRAM9761023186 m35 m
MAERSK SKARSTIND9740457300 m48 m
MAERSK GIBRALTAR9739692337 m48 m
MAERSK GENOA9739680337 m48 m
MAERSK GUAYAQUIL9727871337 m48 m
MAERSK GUATEMALA9713375337 m48 m
MAERSK STADELHORN9726671299 m48 m
MAERSK BAHAMAS9697026196 m32 m
MAERSK BERMUDA9697014195 m32 m
MAERSK GANGES9694581255 m37 m
MAERSK DANUBE9694579255 m38 m
MAERSK EUPHRATES9694567255 m37 m
MCC SHENZHEN9634696172 m27 m
MATHILDE MAERSK9632179399 m60 m
MARIT MAERSK9632179399 m60 m
METTE MAERSK9632155399 m60 m
MARCHEN MAERSK9632143399 m60 m
MARGRETHE MAERSK9632131399 m60 m
MAREN MAERSK9632129399 m60 m
MUNKEBO MAERSK9632117399 m60 m
MORTEN MAERSK9632105399 m60 m
MOGENS MAERSK9632090399 m60 m
MERETE MAERSK9632064399 m60 m
MAYVIEW MAERSK9619995399 m60 m
MATZ MAERSK9619983399 m60 m
MARSTAL MAERSK9619971399 m60 m
MARIBO MAERSK9619969399 m60 m
MAGLEBY MAERSK9619957399 m60 m
MADISON MAERSK9619945399 m60 m
MARIE MAERSK9619933399 m60 m
MARY MAERSK9619921399 m60 m
MAJESTIC MAERSK9619919399 m60 m
MAERSK KARUN9624299255 m38 m
MAERSK IYO9624287255 m38 m
MAERSK ARAS9624275255 m38 m
MAERSK CUANZA9561497249 m37 m
MAERSK LOTA9526954249 m37 m
MAERSK LAGUNA9526942249 m37 m
MAERSK CADIZ9526459249 m37 m
MAERSK CABINDA9525493250 m37 m
MAERSK COPENHAGEN9525405238 m37 m
MAERSK COLOMBO9525390249 m37 m
MAERSK LEBU9526930300 m45 m
MAERSK LAVRAS9526928300 m45 m
MAERSK LETICIA9526916300 m45 m
MAERSK LUZ9526904300 m45 m
MAERSK LA PAZ9526899300 m45 m
MAERSK LIRQUEN9526887300 m45 m
MAERSK LIMA9526875300 m45 m
MAERSK CUBANGO9525481249 m37 m
MAERSK CAIRO9525479249 m37 m
MAERSK CASABLANCA9525467249 m37 m
MAERSK CABO VERDE9525455249 m37 m
MAERSK CHACHAI9525388249 m37 m
MAERSK CHAMBAL9525376248 m42 m
MAERSK CHILKA9525364249 m37 m
MAERSK CAPE TOWN9525352249 m37 m
MAERSK CONGO9525340249 m37 m
MAERSK CHENNAI9525338249 m37 m
MAERSK CAMEROUN9525326249 m37 m
MAERSK CAPE COAST9525314249 m38 m
MAERSK CALABAR9525302249 m37 m
MAERSK COTONOU9525297249 m37 m
MAERSK CONAKRY9525285249 m37 m
MAERSK EMERALD9502910366 m48 m
MAERSK EDIRNE9502867366 m48 m
MAERSK EUREKA9501239366 m48 m
MAERSK WALLIS9459632260 m32 m
MAERSK NACALA9459424240 m32 m
MCC ANDALAS9499022148 m23 m
MAERSK ESMERALDAS9502972366 m48 m
MAERSK ENSENADA9502958366 m48 m
MAERSK ENSHI9502946366 m48 m
MAERSK ESSEX9458092366 m48 m
MAERSK EVORA9458080366 m48 m
MAERSK ELBA9458078366 m48 m
MAERSK EDMONTON9458030366 m48 m
RHONE MAERSK9457000249 m37 m
RHINE MAERSK9456991249 m37 m
MAERSK ESSEN9456783248 m38 m
MAERSK EINDHOVEN9456771366 m48 m
MAERSK EMDEN9456769366 m48 m
MAERSK EDINBURGH9456757366 m48 m
MAERSK VICTORIA9436185175 m27 m
MAERSK VERACRUZ9436173175 m27 m
MAERSK VALPARAISO9433054175 m27 m
MAERSK VALLVIK9411381180 m28 m
MAERSK VARNA9411379180 m28 m
MAERSK VISBY9411367180 m28 m
MAERSK BRANI9409352223 m32 m
MAERSK VILNIUS9408956180 m28 m
MAERSK NINGBO9402639209 m30 m
MAERSK NEW DELHI9402627209 m30 m
MAERSK NEWARK9402615209 m30 m
MAERSK BATUR9402029223 m32 m
MAERSK VIGO9401697175 m27 m
MAERSK YUKON9398436349 m46 m
MAERSK ATHABASCA9398424334 m43 m
MAERSK AMAZON9398395334 m43 m
MAERSK BRATAN9394894223 m32 m
MAERSK BOGOR9394882224 m33 m
MAERSK BALI9394870223 m32 m
MAERSK BUTON9392925223 m32 m
MAERSK WELLINGTON9391660254 m32 m
MAERSK WILLEMSTADT9362401254 m32 m
MAERSK JIANGYIN9360245222 m30 m
MAERSK NADI9386017209 m30 m
MAERSK NANSHA9385996209 m30 m
MAERSK NILE9385972209 m30 m
GERDA MAERSK9359052367 m42 m
GUTHORM MAERSK9359040367 m42 m
GUSTAV MAERSK9359038367 m42 m
GUNHILDE MAERSK9359026367 m42 m
GUNDE MAERSK9359014367 m42 m
GERNER MAERSK9359002367 m42 m
MAERSK NORFOLK9356139211 m30 m
MAERSK NEWPORT9356127210 m30 m
MAERSK NAIROBI9356165210 m30 m
MAERSK NARMADA9356098211 m30 m
MAERSK CHESAPEAKE9356074210 m30 m
MAERSK BULAN9355343223 m32 m
MAERSK BATAM9355331224 m32 m
MAERSK BINTAN9355288223 m32 m
MAERSK STOCKHOLM9352042334 m43 m
MAERSK STEPNICA9352004334 m43 m
MAERSK MEMPHIS9348651299 m40 m
MAERSK ATLANTA9348649299 m40 m
MAERSK INNOSHIMA9348170233 m32 m
MAERSK IZMIR9348168233 m32 m
MAERSK INVERNESS9348156233 m32 m
MAERSK VALENCIA9344954175 m27 m
MAERSK VENEZIA9344681186 m28 m
MAERSK JAIPUR9343974222 m30 m
MAERSK JABAL9343077222 m30 m
MAERSK ALGOL9342528337 m46 m
MAERSK ALFIRK9342516337 m46 m
MAERSK ANTARES9342504338 m46 m
MAERSK ALTAIR9342499337 m46 m
MAERSK TUKANG9334686332 m43 m
MAERSK TAURUS9334674332 m43 m
MAERSK TAIKUNG9334662332 m43 m
MAERSK DETROIT9333034299 m40 m
MAERSK KINLOSS9333022300 m40 m
MAERSK KENSINGTON9333010299 m40 m
MAERSK HARTFORD9333008300 m40 m
MAERSK DENVER9332999300 m40 m
MAERSK COLUMBUS9332987299 m40 m
MAERSK CHICAGO9332975299 m40 m
MCC PALAWAN9332705148 m23 m
MCC BATANES9332690147 m23 m
MAERSK TANJONG9332511332 m43 m
MAERSK INCHEON9329629231 m32 m
MAERSK SURABAYA9330068332 m44 m
EUGEN MAERSK9321550399 m56 m
EDITH MAERSK9321548398 m56 m
ELLY MAERSK9321536399 m57 m
EBBA MAERSK9321524398 m56 m
EVELYN MAERSK9321512398 m56 m
ELEONORA MAERSK9321500398 m56 m
ESTELLE MAERSK9321495399 m56 m
EMMA MAERSK9321483399 m56 m
GEORG MAERSK9320257367 m43 m
GERD MAERSK9320245367 m43 m
GJERTRUD MAERSK9320233367 m43 m
MAERSK MAKUTU9318319292 m32 m
MAERSK SERANGOON9315214318 m40 m
MAERSK TENNESSEE9314210292 m33 m
MAERSK BROWNSVILLE9313955294 m32 m
MAERSK BROOKLYN9313931294 m32 m
MAERSK BENTONVILLE9313929294 m32 m
MAERSK BALTIMORE9313917294 m32 m
MAERSK BOSTON9313905294 m30 m
MAERSK KANSAS9311701292 m32 m
MAERSK SOFIA9308637335 m43 m
MAERSK PUELO9306172305 m40 m
MAERSK MONTANA9305312292 m32 m
MAERSK UTAH9305300292 m32 m
MAERSK STRALSUND9303522332 m44 m
GUNVOR MAERSK9302891367 m42 m
GRETE MAERSK9302889367 m42 m
GUDRUN MAERSK9302877367 m42 m
MAERSK DAKAR9302449207 m30 m
MAERSK DOUALA9299032208 m30 m
MAERSK DURBAN9299044207 m30 m
MAERSK IOWA9298686292 m32 m
MAERSK LAUNCESTON9294408266 m38 m
LARS MAERSK9294379266 m38 m
MAERSK JALAN9294161222 m30 m
MAERSK KOWLOON9290476300 m43 m
MAERSK SYDNEY9289958335 m43 m
MAERSK SANTANA9289934335 m43 m
MAERSK YORKTOWN9289192195 m32 m
ALBERT MAERSK9260469353 m43 m
ADRIAN MAERSK9260457352 m43 m
ARTHUR MAERSK9260445352 m43 m
ARNOLD MAERSK9260433352 m43 m
ANNA MAERSK9260421352 m43 m
AXEL MAERSK9260419352 m43 m
OLIVIA MAERSK9251638238 m32 m
OLUF MAERSK9251626237 m32 m
OLGA MAERSK9251614238 m33 m
CLEMENTINE MAERSK9245770347 m43 m
COLUMBINE MAERSK9245768347 m43 m
CORNELIA MAERSK9245756347 m42 m
CHARLOTTE MAERSK9245744347 m43 m
MAERSK GARONNE9235579292 m32 m
MAERSK GAIRLOCH9235567292 m32 m
MAERSK GIRONDE9235555292 m32 m
MAERSK GATESHEAD9235543292 m32 m
MAERSK NEWBURY9231470211 m31 m
MAERSK NORTHWOOD9222118210 m30 m
MAERSK VIRGINIA9235531291 m32 m
NYSTED MAERSK9220897200 m30 m
NEXOE MAERSK9220885199 m31 m
CHASTINE MAERSK9219800347 m42 m
MAERSK NORTHAMPTON9215919210 m30 m
MAERSK NESTON9215907210 m30 m
MAERSK NEWHAVEN9215880209 m30 m
MAERSK NEWCASTLE9215878210 m30 m
JOSEPHINE MAERSK9215191216 m32 m
JOHANNES MAERSK9215189216 m32 m
JENS MAERSK9215177217 m32 m
JEPPESEN MAERSK9215165217 m32 m
CLIFFORD MAERSK9198575347 m42 m
GRASMERE MAERSK9193276292 m32 m
MAERSK IDAHO9193264293 m32 m
MAERSK KENTUCKY9193240292 m32 m
NORA MAERSK9192478199 m30 m
NICOLINE MAERSK9192466199 m30 m
NICOLAI MAERSK9192454198 m30 m
NELE MAERSK9192442198 m30 m
LUNA MAERSK9190781265 m37 m
LICA MAERSK9190779266 m37 m
LEXA MAERSK9190767266 m37 m
LEDA MAERSK9190755266 m37 m
LAUST MAERSK9190743266 m37 m
LOUIS MAERSK9190731266 m38 m
MAERSK ATLANTIC9175808155 m25 m
MAERSK ANTWERP9175781155 m25 m
MAERSK AVON9164275155 m25 m
SKAGEN MAERSK9166792347 m43 m
ALEXANDER MAERSK9164237155 m25 m
MAERSK KIMI9162227300 m43 m
MAERSK KARACHI9162215300 m43 m
MAERSK KALMAR9153862299 m43 m
MSC GIOVANNA VII9153850300 m43 m
SALLY MAERSK9120865347 m43 m
MAERSK KARLSKRONA9085558318 m43 m
MAERSK KLEVEN9085546318 m42 m
MAERSK KOTKA9085534328 m43 m
MAERSK CANYON9924235366 m51 m
MAERSK WAKAYAMA9550357172 m28 m
MSC YAMUNA VI9288409280 m40 m
CARSTEN MAERSK9219795347 m42 m
CAROLINE MAERSK9214903347 m43 m
CORNELIUS MAERSK9198587347 m42 m
MAERSK ABERDEEN9175793155 m25 m