Color Line Fleet Location Ships, IMO numbers and MMSI

Where is the current position of Color Line ferry Fleet presently?

Color Fantasy 9278234 257182000
Color Magic 9349863 259222000
SuperSpeed 1 9374519 259490000
SuperSpeed 2 9378682 258092000
Color Viking 8317942 259278000
Color Carrier 9132002 257653000
Color Hybrit 9824289 257465000

About Color Line

Color Line is a Norwegian ferry company operating on four routes with six ships. The most famous route is the route from Kiel to Oslo and back with the Color Magic and Color Fantasy, which is more like a cruise ship than a ferry. There are sophisticated theatre shows, a water park and a spacious SPA and wellness area for relaxation. There is also a large promenade on board with various shops and restaurants.

The other four Color Line ferries operate on the routes from Sandefjord and Strömstad (Color Viking / Color Bohus) and on the route between Hirthals and Kristiansand and Hirthals and Larvik (Super Speed I and Super Speed II). From June 2019 a new hybrid ferry will be put into service for the Sandefjord and Strömstad route. On board these pure ferries, incentive trips will be offered as well as conferences for the private sector.