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Thunderstorm Tracker

Thunderstorm Tracker – Lightning Map

Live Thunderstorm Tracker. Includes tracking map, live radar, forecast cones and tracks, wind speed and pressure charts.

The weather radar map shows you worldwide severe storms, thunderstorms and lightning and let u know how a storm moves. The map shows where there are current lightning strikes and enables you to follow severe weather live.

Move the map to find the storm you want to track.

how are thunderstorms created?

The soil is heated by the sun and the moisture from the soil or water evaporates and mixes with the layer of air above the ground, which is thereby heated. This warm and humid air becomes lighter, rises to the top and cools down again. The result is a cloud that increasingly develops into a thundercloud. Similar to an electric shock, an electric voltage is generated which is discharged in the form of lightning. The air in the so-called lightning channel heats up explosively, triggering a pressure wave. This moves at a speed of sound of about 333 meters per second and forms the thunder sound.

Check here for a tropical storm.