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Hurricane Tracker

Hurricane Tracker Live Map

Hurricane and Tropical Storm Tracker live. Includes tracking map, live radar, forecast cones and tracks, wind speed and pressure charts.

The hurricane tracker map shows you worldwide severe storms, Hurricane , Tornado, Typhoon and lightning and let u know how a storm moves.

Move the map to find the storm you want to track.

Hurricane Radar – Tornado – Typhoon, Storm Map

With the play button the course of the Hurricane in the last hour can be played. The map can be zoomed in or out and scrolled at will. The light grey regions on the map are monitored by measuring stations, where severe weather can be recorded and displayed. In the dark grey zones there are no measuring stations, so that no severe weather can be displayed there. The main areas covered are Europe, the USA and parts of Asia, South America and Australia.

The worst hurricanes

  • Hurricane Karl – 2004
  • Hurricane Nicole – 2016
  • Hurricane Lili – 1996
  • Hurricane Igor – 2010
  • Hurricane Sandy – 2012
  • Hurricane Olga – 2001
  • Hurrikan Katrina – 2005
  • Hurricane Irma – 2017
  • Hurricane Florence – 2018
  • Typhoon Tip – 1979

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