Stena Line Fleet Location Ships, IMO numbers and MMSI

Where is the current position of Stena Line ferry Fleet presently?

Stena Horizon 9332559 247160400
Stena Germanica 9145176 266331000
Stena Scandinavica 9235517 266343000
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern 9131797 211245200
Stena Skane 9133915 9133915
Stena Vinga 9323699 266467000
Stena Danica 7907245 265177000
Stena Mersey 9329851 235068243
Stena Lagan 9329849 311000955
Stena Edda 9198941 235089435
Stena Superfast VII 9198941 235089435
Stena Superfast VIII 9198953 235089436
Stena Estrid 9807293 209878000
Stena Adventurer 9235529 235667000
Stena Europe 7901760 235004539
Stena Hollandica 9419163 244758000
Stena Britannica 9419175 235080274
URD 7826855 219000776
Stena Flavia 9417919 219560000
Scottish Viking 9435454 247265800
Stena Gothica 7826867 219147000
Stena Vision 9145176 266331000
Stena Spirit 9145176 266331000
Stena Baltica 9364978 235102029
Stena Nautica 8317954 265859000
Stena Jutlandica 9125944 265410000

About Stena Line

The Stena Line ferry company is one of the largest ferry companies in the world. It is a Swedish shipping company. The head office is in Gothenburg, Sweden. The shipping company is a subsidiary of Stena AB.

With Stena Line you can take your car or caravan or motorhome from Kiel to Gothenburg, from Rostock to Trelleborg or from Sassnitz to Trelleborg. Some of the trips are also offered as mini-cruises, which are primarily a small and quick break with a stay in a fantastic travel destination for experienced cruisers.

The Stena Line operates a total of twelve ferries on seven different routes in Scandinavia. In addition to the routes already mentioned, you can also get from Frederikshavn to Gothenburg and Oslo, from Gdyna to Karlskrona and from Grena to Varsberg. You can also choose from four ships on two routes in the Baltic States and ten ships on six routes in the UK.